Mirrored Mirror
Mirror, painted wood
Variable dimensions

The installation visualizes an imaginary encounter between the Korean poet Yi Sang (1910-1937) and the Dutch De Stijl artist Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931). The artist analyzed and deconstructed the vowels and consonants of the Korean letters of Yi Sang’s poem “Mirror,” transforming them into geometrical patterns. The letters were rearranged as patterns in a grid of square mirrors and wooden tiles on the floor. The primary colors and laying of the tiles on the floor reference Theo van Doesburg’s idea of neoplasticism. The two individuals come from entirely different cultures and social values, yet their pursuit of an ideal lies within a similar realm. The installation follows the existence of these parallel dimensions.

Sunah Choi, long and short, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, 2006

Interview in Korean I

Poster, Exhibition "long and short"

Poster, Exhibition "long and short"

A poem by Yi Sang "Mirror": Analysis of vowels & consonants

Re-shaped modular Korean vowels & consonants

Re-arranged poem "Mirror" using modular Korean alphabet

3 primary colors are inserted between spaces