Artsonje Lounge Project
Chosil Kil & Sunah Choi
Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea
May - December 2010

Exhibited work:
Post It, 2010


From May to December 2010, Artsonje Center hosts presentations and events focusing on video art. For the events hosted at the lounge of Artsonje Center, London and Berlin-based artists Sunah Choi and Chosil Kil developed a project where they combined a space design of the lounge area and their artistic works.

In their re-creation of the lounge area, the two artists considered functionality and visual organicity of the space as well as a specificity of video medium. To realize these issues, they defined and organized the pre-existing walls in a different way to construct a connection between walls and space in regard to the content and visual terms, while displaying multiple functions of the space.

Located outside of South Korea, Sunah Choi and Chosil Kil developed a work that transformed a limit of geographical distance into an inevitable advantage. Under the title Post It, the work is progressed through 8 months to be completed. Each month, the two artists produce posters with a size of A1. The posters are sent from Europe to Korea to be attached on walls at the lounge of Artsonje Center. The empty walls are then gradually filled with the posters through out the period.

This work / exhibition will take a movement of time and space as an assumption, using post service as its method. The dynamics of arranged rule of production and unpredictable result lies at the center of this work. Visitors of the lounge, or the audience of the exhibition will see the result of contingent combinations of works arriving each month. The interesting point created by contrasts between the ‘process’ of creating works and ‘idea’ of traveling, and ‘consistency of rules’ and ‘contingency of result’ lies in this work, Post It.