Composition T, II
Overhead projector, diverse objects
1 hour performance
9 - 10 pm, June 7, 2011
Opening of the exhibition "Based in Berlin" at Monbiju Park, Berlin

Based in Berlin, KW - Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2011

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Sunah Choi "Composition T" on vimeo
Based in Berlin on vimeo


Sleek Magazine Online, June 8th, 2011
"Based and Confused in Berlin"

We have to admit that we didn’t actually get to see much art at the opening of Based in Berlin. But the real opening event took place outside anyway. The park just in front of the main venue was the place to be, drink, see and be seen, and thanks to the overhead projector performance by Berlin-based artist Sunah Choi, view some good art as well, without the hassle of getting in line.
The performance, entitled Composition T, was rather mesmerizing, as Choi swiftly created compositions and arrangements with different everyday objects, opaque and translucent, that were projected on the large screen above the main entrance. The constantly changing variations and varieties the artist presented seemed to have dictated their own changing rhythms that emerged from their shapes and materiality. The effect was a nearly meditative contemplation of form and material, which is a recurring theme for Sunah Choi. If you only saw one piece of art at the opening night, we hope it was this one.