Linear Map - Jakarta, Seoul, Gimhae
Gessoed canvas, nylon string, nails
1,764 cm / 1,179 cm / 942 cm

A Tale of Two Cities: Narrative Archive of Memories II, GASC, Gimhae, Korea, 2018

Photos: Kim Chan Soo

The artist cut pieces of primed canvas to match the outlines of the administrative districts of the cities in which the work was presented. She then cut in half the resulting shapes along their longest diameter and arranged them in an impromptu sequence on a thin rope, like laundry hung out to dry. The works also points up the arbitrariness of boundaries as such.

Linear Map - Gimhae  

Linear Map - Gimhae (Detail)  

Linear Map - Gimhae (Detail)  

Linear Map - Seoul  

Linear Map - Jakarta (Detail)  

Linear Map - Jakarta