Composition W
Overhead projector, screen, fans, diverse objects
Installation view, exhibition "east people power", KunstDoc
Hermann Liebmann Straße 88, Leipzig, Germany

For the exhibition "east people power" the artist developed the installation Composition W based on her performance series Composition T. A display window of an empty store in Hermann Liebmann Straße in Leipzig is reappropriated. Composition W comprises of a projection of constantly changing images that are randomly generated without an agent. In the empty store images are projected on the large display window facing the street. Small diverse objects in the form of balls and pins are arranged on the overhead projector's surface. Two rotating fans blow continually near the projector. The wind from the fans causes the objects to be in constant motion. New abstract shadow images composed of animated lines and points can be seen from the street.

east people power, KunstDoc, Leipzig, 2012
How far away is Mars, T293, Rome, 2013

Installation view,  "east people power", Leipzig, 2012